Dewatering System
Save up to 80% on your waste costs! Did you know that food waste is usually the wettest component of the waste stream with a typical moisture content of 80%? This means that when food waste gets weighed before it is sent to landfill you are paying mostly for water!
The dewatering system extracts between up to 80% of the water content out of food waste, this is where the dewatering system has its benefits to help you save a huge amount of money.
The dewatering systems benefits are as follows. Firstly, it reduces your wet/food waste volumes. It reduces your waste volumes disposed of at landfill by up to 35-50%. Thirdly, it reduces your monthly waste costs by up to 35% and lastly it reduces the impact of your waste on the environment and natural resources by reducing waste disposal at landfill. Not only will you as a company be benefitting from this product but so will the environment.

Hout Bay, Cape Town
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