Commercial Composters

From Food Waste to Compost in 4 Weeks

Food waste ia a valuable commodity full of essential minerals necessary for your plants and vegetables. Watch this unbelievable transformation from food waste to rich dark soil in 4 weeks - Don't dump it, use it.

Small Canteens, Restaurants & Home Use

Thermally insulated to retain heat . Manual Rotation
Aerobic process - no smell . Twin chamber to separate waste
Only additive is sawdust or pellets to balance the nitrogen and carbon levels

Reduce Waste to Landfill

All Joraform products are designed to process cooked food waste including meat, chicken, fish & small bones.
Reduce waste disposal
Reduce landscape costs
Compost can form part of your CSR policy
Reduce your company's carbon footprint
Comply with imminent legislation regarding waste disposal practices
Save money
Produce your own compost
Uplift communities
No CO2 emissions
Long term sustainable solution 

Large Canteens, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals etc

Large commercial kitchens . Full automated
2 tons - 15 tons of waste input per month . From waste to compost in 4 weeks

JK 5100 Series

Electricity consumption approx 80kw pm
3600 litres pm capacity input
Daily feeing function
4 weeks processing time
Twin chambers ensure bacteria free compost
Approximate output - 900kg compost

JK 6200

9000 lites per month input. Daily input.
Output of compost every 30 days approx 2 tons.
100kw per month electricity requirement.
Dual chamber.


Electricity usage approx 800kw pm
Programmable functions
30 000 litrespm / 12 - 15 tons
4 chamber system
Approximate output - 6 tons compost

Hout Bay, Cape Town
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