About Green Genie
Established in 2010, Our mission is to set out to provide solutions to change the way in which residential and commercial waste generators deal with food waste. Food waste is a valuable resource which can be utilised to enrich soil that will enable us to grow food without the need for chemical fertilisers. Most landfill sites in South Africa are running out of capacity with many already closed. By distributing Green Genie residential composters as well as the world’s leading in-vessel composters from Joraform in Sweden, Green Genie hopes to significantly impact the reduction of waste to landfill.
Since 2010 we have sold in excess of 30,000 home composters and over 500 Joraform commercial food composters at some of South Africa’s leading corporations from banks to shopping centres. We also have a number Joraform installations throughout Africa including Sasol Mozambique, Anadarko Mozambique, Singita in Tanzania, St Helena Island, Seychelles, Zambia and many more.
Together we can make a difference, let us help you find the right solution.
About Joraform Sweden
Joraform was established in Sweden in 1990 and since this time have been the market leader in providing in vessel composting technology for both residential and commercial markets. Joraform have representation in over 35 countries, with Africa becoming the fastest growing market.
Our clients range from small homes to large shopping centres, wine farms, schools, b&b’s and hotels. Joraform is a company with extensive experience in the field of composting food waste and have installed more than 200,000 units around the world in different climatic conditions, achieving the same results.
Our mission is to provide solutions that will avoid disposal of food waste to landfill. Food waste can be easily converted to a valuable commodity known as humus or compost. Food waste produces a mineral rich fertiliser that soil desperately needs after harvesting crops. If you cannot use the compost locally, then why not donate this or sell it to organizations that will put it to good use.
Joraform (Sweden) is represented in South Africa by Green Genie Waste Solutions, a Cape Town based private company, appointed as the exclusive importer and distributor of the Jora Compost range of in-vessel composting machines.
Ongoing Research and Development
We are a company under constant development and It all began in 1990 with our rotating compost bin for single-family households.
We were the first company that presented the idea of a rotating compost bin and we have continued to develop it. Today we can provide solutions for composting domestic waste up to several hundreds of households to large commercial shopping centres.
Our range of composters can process waste streams from 125litres per month to 30,000 litres per month, making it the most comprehensive range available in the market. All Joraform products are equipped with a minimum of two chambers and can reach temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius. These extreme temperatures are naturally generated by powerful microbes that exist in food waste. At these temperatures a breakdown of harmful bacteria (pathogen) occurs.
The Solution
The Jora Composter range of in-vessel composting technologies
By using a Jora dual chamber in-vessel Composter you will enjoy benefits such as:
  • A reduction of your company`s carbon foot print - Zero carbon emissions contributes to carbon tax savings and the accrual of carbon tax credits. Up to 1 ton of carbon credit benefit per 1 ton of food waste composted.
  • Fact: On average, greenhouse gas emissions across the food supply chain range between 2.8 - 4.14 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) per tonne of food.
  • Limiting the burden on municipal waste dumps - Long term sustainable waste solution and thus contributing to the SA governments waste management policies….”zero to landfill by 2020”.
  • Contribute to the protecting our scarce and valuable natural resources.
  • Produce organic compost that can be used in the agrarian industry - Compost can be donated to a school feeding programme through your organisation’s CSI initiatives. Compost can be used to grow vegetables. Compost is essential for healthy soil conditions thus ensuring continuous healthy crops.
  • Enhance your Triple Bottom line Reporting: People, Planet…Profit.

Hout Bay, Cape Town
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