Jora Compost: JK 5000 Series
Available in various models:
Model Name Capacity - Litres Capacity - Kg Other
JK5100 (Recon) 3600 1800
JK5100 PD 3600 1800 Auto Pellet Dispenser
JK5100 LK 4000 2000 55 Litre Food Conveyor
JK6200 9000 4500
Bio-Container 30000 15000
JK 5000 Series (all models) ensures an easy and convenient way for you to compost your food waste - locally wherever you live or conduct your business activities.
Our Units are:
  • Easily installed – plug and play.
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
With stainless steel built-in receptacles the JK5000 Series in-vessel composting product range offers an entirely new dual chamber designed industrial composting machine.
A unique automated paddle-mixer allows for the frequent and efficient composting of food waste.


JK 5100 is an automatic modern compost machine with a preprogrammed unique mixing technique.
This makes composting cooked food waste easy and convenient. The JK5100 can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


How does it work?
  • Food waste is deposited into the hopper and macerated by a built-in grinder before being ejected into the process chamber (1st).
  • Here the food waste is aerated and mixed with daily incoming fresh waste through a newly-developed mixing technique.
  • An automated pellet dispenser dispenses wood pellets into the composting chamber at regular intervals.
  • After two weeks, the mixing mechanism passes the material into the second chamber. This isolates the material from any further contamination with fresh waste. Here it will stay for two weeks In order to complete the maturation process. The maturation chamber is equipped with an independent mixing system that frequently agitates the compost, ensures further oxidation and maturation etc.
The Dual Chamber System allows the two (2) chambers to operate independently. This ensures the best possible results, at all times and in the most hygienic conditions.
Impact on the environment
Joraform`s environmental policy demands the development of parts and components that have been manufactured from recycled or recyclable material. Thus 95% of all parts and components used in the assembly of our composters are manufactured form recyclable materials.
Furthermore the JK 5000 series offers a closed in-vessel technology that prevents the discharge of fluids etc. into the surrounding environment etc.
Our Design
The compost machines are designed to meet the high international standards in terms of use and hygiene. The machines are easy to maintain. The chute for depositing the food waste is placed conveniently for easy and safe access by the user. The compost receptacles / chambers are fitted with lockable inspection covers. The inspection covers allow for the monitoring of the composting process from start to finish. The simple design facilitates an understanding of the different steps in the composting process.
  1. Chute for depositing food waste
  2. The composting process
  3. Maturation of compost
  4. Easy emptying of compost
Safety Features
The machines have several built-in safety features:
  • The chute is locked during grinding. When the chute is open, the grinder motor is locked and in the off position.
  • The mixer and aerator are built into the machine and thus not easily accessible
  • Access to the waste receptacles / chambers is prohibited by the lockable access covers.
JK 5000 range of composters are robustly constructed, with the body constructed of  high quality stainless steel. All moving parts are replaceable. This ensures an optimal working life. The composters are fitted with programmable units, which can easily be programmed according to the type of waste being processed.


Technical Specifications

Outer dimensions
2950mmx1170mmx1500mm (LxWxH)
Main connection
3-phase connection 16A
850 kg (1870 lb)
Built-in fan
Up to 1000 l per week with a density of 0,5 kg per litre. Depending on options configured
Frostproof room
Mainly stainless steel
Patent pending SE 9903148-6
Warranties / Maintenance
We offer a 24 month warranty and maintenance plan. This is included in the purchase price of each unit.
For more information please contact our sales team.


JK270 / JK400

For Small Canteens, Restaurants and Home Use.


For Large Canteens, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals.


For Large Canteens, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals.

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