About Residential Composting

Each year Cape Town produces 2.2 million tons of waste (2kg per person per day) enough to fill a row of trucks equaling the distance from Cape Town to Gauteng.

All waste thrown away into a black bin/bag is transported to one of the overflowing landfill sites in CT. To make additional landfill will now cost us R1,5 - R2 billion and to close and rehabilitate the existing ones will cost R800 million.

Throwing away mixed waste - biodegradable with non-biodegradable - produces a toxic liquid, leachate, which poisons groundwater and creates greenhouse gasses.

More and more people are wanting to conserve re-usable materials  and grow their own veggies as well. 
Why have your food waste removed and taken to a landfill dump site where it will very likely become  covered over and eventually emit methane gas  - which is 22x more greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide?
Composting home and garden green wastes fit in with nature’s cycles.

Hout Bay, Cape Town
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