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Whether residential or commercial, you can eliminate your food waste to landfill. Together we can make a difference. Let us help you find the right solution.

Residential Composters
Each year Cape Town produces 2.2 million tons of waste enough to fill a row of trucks from Cape Town to Gauteng.
Commercial Composters
Food waste is a valuable commodity full of essential minerals necessary for your plants and vegetables. - Don't dump it.

People often ask us “what can we do with the compost that we produce every two weeks?” well this is where we can help you!
The Joraform composters produce anywhere from 250kg’s to 3 or 4 tons of compost every two weeks, this is a lot of compost, right?
Therefore, why not make this part of your Corporate Social Responsibility and donate this compost to a local school within your community?
Feeding hundreds of children per day will not only benefit their lives individually in terms of their well- being and health, but it will add to a better learning environment and educational system.
Help make a difference in people’s lives! Tania Gray, principle of Hangberg pre-primary, says, “nothing needs to be wasted!”
Watch the video on the right to understand more about this great initiative and how we can help you establish a similar vegetable garden. Let us be a part of your journey!

Hout Bay, Cape Town
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